Snake Season

While I feel I am adjusting to the desert, there are some parts that I am not sure I am ever going to be OK with.  I have acclimated and will wear jeans even when it is 95 degrees outside.  We now consider the house cool with the AC set at 80 degrees and even scorpions don't bother me the way they use to.  But snakes...  They completely freak me out!
 I was taking Hank to school one morning and saw this snake slithering off our property into the street.  I went into Mama Bear mode and thought it might be a rattle snake.  I couldn't see its tail.  So I made a deliberate decision to run over it.  But I was a chicken about it and just clipped him.  It is the first thing besides bugs that I have ever purposely killed.  I felt really awful for the rest of the day.  I tried to convince myself that I was killing it to protect my babies but without knowing if it was a rattler or not I felt guilty.
 When Max got home everybody wanted to take a closer look, even Siri wanted in on the action.  Since i barely hit him, he was in near perfect condition.  The kids asked if they could dissect it.  Max was beaming with pride.  :)  He decided to give a little anatomy lesson and skin the snake.  Yuck!
 Don't try this at home unless you are under the supervision of a pathologist...
 The kids were fascinated with seeing the snakes vertebrae, guts and chest cavity.
 Max mounted the skin as my first hunt trophy.  LOL  We learned it was a Gophersnake and is harmless.  But I am still not sure I am ok with a "good" snake slithering around my front yard.  In less than 2 weeks we have had 4 snakes.  A few days ago a really creepy red and black one was dead by our mailbox and then today we found a real rattle snake that had been run over in front of our neighbors house across the street.  He was huge! 
On our property we have had a California Kingsnake.
A Sonoran Gophersnake that I murdered, which are "commonly mistaken for rattlesnakes due to a very good impersonation, which includes flattening the head, loud hissing, striking and even a rattling tail!"
A Longnose Snake
And worst of all, we had a Western Diamondback Rattlesnake across the street.
I may never let the kids outside again.  Snakes beware of the big, black MKHKKH bus.  I am looking to add to my snake skin trophies and next time I am not going to feel bad about it.


Lacey said...

I hate snakes too! We live on a greenbelt so we get a few of them. Copperheads, water moccasins, and coral snakes. All poisonous, all freak me out. We had a 4 foot water moccasin the other day after it rained. Luckily the yard guys killed it! Snake rid works well if you can do it so you don't trap them in your yard! :0)~

Anonymous said...

Oh, Katie, I have such an aversion, repugnance of snakes I could not bring myself to view all of your blog AM SOOO REPELLED BY THE SIGHT OF ONE - I salute you. Gigi/Gram

Courtney said...

ROTFL!!!! This is hilarious! The visual of you and the black bus on a mission crack me up! I consider myself not one to be freaked out by snakes, BUT....ours are garter snakes and bull snakes! Not python looking killing machines! Way to go girl. Will we be seeing some snake skin high heels?!?