The Bs Come To Town

My sister Chrysti, her husband Scott, and their boys Max and Titus came to visit us for the Memorial Day weekend!
Being in the desert was a new experience for them.  Hopefully staying at the Oasis will be an experience they want to repeat. :)
 There are few musts while staying with us.  The first is to relax and hang out pool side.  I think we were successful in accomplishing this mission.
The boys were a pool force and we spent everyday enjoying the sun and watching the kids have fun.
 Hours of water filled fun.
 We worked hard to enjoy ourselves too.
 The other mandatory thing is to eat and eat a lot while staying with us!
We had wine and cheese with pizza by the pool the first night.  Then it was ribs, beer can chicken, grilled veggies, and quinoa salad the next night.  Max's home made Mexican finished out the weekend.
 Eggs Benedict, pancakes and sausage, and salmon and bagels started our days.
Pool side refreshments are always in order.  Kiddie and adult versions.
 Can't come to the Oasis and not get a grill lesson from the grill master.
 For our final meal we went to In and Out Burger, something they can't get in Colorado.

The cousins had a blast together.  They didn't fight once all weekend.
They are living in an apple world.  When they weren't in the pool they were mindcrafting.  Listening to them chatter to each other while playing is so funny.  
They played hard and we wore them out! At times Hank, Kaitlin, Max and Titus all passed out from exhaustion.  Kids just go until they have nothing left.
We had such a fun time hanging out with the Bs!  We can't wait for your return.  Thanks for coming and we love you!

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