The Table

Our dinner table is a very important part of our lives.  We strive to sit around the table together almost every night.  With sports and activities it can be a real challenge.  There are late night dinners and sometimes 4 o'clock dinners to try and all eat together.  But both Max and I feel it is essential we have this time to share a meal and reconnect as a family.  Some of our best conversations are around the dinner table.
We have a couple dinner time traditions.  Each night it is a designated person's night to pray.  Max starts the week off on Sunday, Monday is Mommy, Tuesday is Hailey,  Wednesday is Karlie, Thursday is Kaitlin, and Friday is Hank.  Saturday is the night we are least likely to be at home so it is open night.  Who ever calls it gets it that night.  I never thought I would hear kids argue over who gets to pray!  I love hearing what they pray for.  Without fail every night Hank reminds us to pray for Scottie and thank God for healing baby Christian.  Karlie usually thanks God for the grass while Kaitlin always thanks God for each person at the table.  Hailey usually give thanks for her loved ones.  It is a time to pray for each other and thank God for the blessings in our lives.

Our other routine is doing Best Part of Your Day.  One person will start by ask someone what the best part of their day was.  Then that person chooses someone else and it continues that way until everyone has gone.  It is a nice time to hear about each person's day and let us all evaluate the best parts of our day.  The best part of my day is almost always dinner time.  I love to eat and I love to be with my family and the funny conversations we have.  One night the topic was what spirit animal would you be.  Similar to how Native Americans have animals that symbolize them, we went around choosing our animal.  Funny night.
Hank: A bat because they can fly in the night.  (I am sure Batman had no influence on this animal:)
Kaitlin:  Kitten because sometimes they are sweet and sometimes sassy!
Karlie: Elephant because they are smart, strong, and nice.
Hailey: A Unicorn because they are beautiful, mysterious, and solitary animals.
Katie: A Dog because the are loyal, they wag a lot, and run in a pack.
Max:  He started out saying his fantasy animal is a lion of course, but said he sees himself as a Monkey because they have four appendages to get work done.  Monkeys are capable and do more than other animals. 

This simple, sturdy table has many stories ingrained in it and it connects MKHKKH in a special way.
"Everything changes around the table."
~Matt Anderson

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Courtney said...

I love you and all your animals!!