Two Wheels....For the 4th Time!

Today Hank learned to ride his bike without any training wheels!  This is always one of those big milestones.  No diapers, no naps, no training wheels...  A big boy for sure. :(

The saying is 3 times the charm, but for the slow folks, it is 4 times.  Hank got a Strider bike when he was two.  It is a balance bike and it teaches them to balance from the beginning.  They just run their feet while straddling the bike instead of pedaling.  At four years old, Hank got a bike with training wheels and learned all about pedaling and brakes.  Today I decided to take off the training wheels.  It is starting to get pretty hot here, so I figured our outdoor bike days are numbered and decided he had to learn before fall.  While Max was doing the yard I took Hank out for his first try with two wheels.  Max taught Hailey, I taught Karlie, my Mom taught Kaitlin, and I taught Hank.  However, I hardly taught him.  He had it from the minute we started, he just needed confidence.  I ran behind him a few times and he was off!  So it begins, all my babies ready to fly.

Hailey's Two Wheels.
Karlie's Two Wheels.
Kaitlin's Two Wheels.

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