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While my family was visiting the girls had their end of the year dance recital.  It was really great for Grandma to be there for the girls.  Hailey enjoyed a night hanging with the adults.  Karlie and Kaitlin's dance school puts on a pretty amazing show. 
 It is held at the Temp Center for the Arts over two nights and sells out completely.  It is a beautiful venue without a bad seat in the house.  We especially enjoy the bar.  Nearly three hours of dancing is far more enjoyable with a glass of vino. :)  
But the range of dancers from 3 years old to competitive teen dancers is thoroughly entertaining.  I loved watching my girls strut their stuff.

 No filming is allowed at the actual performance so here are their dances at the dress rehearsal.  Dress rehearsal is the first time parents get to see their kids' dances, so I didn't realize the dance wasn't over and stopped filming.  Kaitlin's dance is in Part I and II.  She is in the middle.

While Kaitlin thought it was fun to try dance, Karlie is passionate about it.  She aspires to be on the company team one day.  She is the second from the left in the front.

The girls were thrilled to have my sister do their make-up.  She did a great job, a little too good if you ask me!
Who are these beautiful ladies?  It has taken me two years of dance to accept the stage make-up look.  It is true the lights really wash them out but wow it makes them look so mature.  Makes this mama a little uncomfortable.  But they sure love to get all dolled up. :)
We are so proud of our dancing K buddy Queens.
Keep Calm and Dance On!

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