Family Fun

Grammy, Grampu, Aunt Bubbus, RJ, Rayah and Alanah came to visit us last week!
The kids have so much fun hanging out with their cousins.
We have perfected the art of eating while we have company.
Cherries poolside had us all reminiscing about P-town pool days.  Its only been 20 years but the music and cherries made it feel like yesterday.
Dessert is in order every night.
The grill master provides ribs, brawts and burgers while I provide the sides and dessert.
Poolside snacks for the kids.  You can get them to eat ANYTHING.  This is prime time for veggies and fruit.   :)  Might be the only healthy eating of the day.
They are like locust and need to be fed constantly so lots of kid snacks are needed. 
Bubbus is drumming up a new business idea of poolside haircuts at your home.  We sure liked it.  Brush off and jump in the pool.  Gramps and Karlie both got Great Clips by Kerrie.
After.  Karlie has been waiting until after her dance recital that requires a bun, to cut her hair short.  Ta-da!
Water is essential when it is over 100 degrees.  Therefore, we have become experts at pool play and water relaxation techniques.
Max created the beer flotilla.  Cooler and kid option is an upgrade from the standard drink cup holder model.
This way he could have Hank retrieve the beer out of the cooler and he didn't have to move for many beers.  Hank thought it was a pretty rough life as the beer boy.  My two redneck cowboys.
Alanah wasn't a huge fan of the water, but I bet after a few more visits she will be a convert like the rest of the clan.
Kerrie and I have identical white suits and ended up with similar black suits too.  1000 miles away and still looking like twins.  I still think blondes have more fun though. ;)
I went a little batty for my Bat boy and had to get the Batwoman suit when I saw it.  His face was priceless when I came out in it.
Max took Hailey, Hank and RJ on a hot ride.  Hailey died and became a sand angle.  I think the bike days are over until fall.
I am so happy the kids got a chance to spend so much time being cousins.  It is one of the things I miss most about moving away.  Karlie and Rayah loved playing all things girl, especially hair salon.
Kaitlin had a real life baby doll.  Could she be any cuter?!  Kaitlin will be following in my footsteps and have a herd of children.  She loves babies just like her mama.
Great Grandpa came for dinner one night.  He and Hank have a special connection.  It warmed my heart to see them snuggled up watching baseball and playing mindcraft.  At one point they were both dozing off together. 
We love to celebrate life, love and family.
Thank you for coming!  I know how difficult it is to travel with little kids and we appreciate your effort to visit us!  Love you and can't wait to see you in July!

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