Happy Father's Day To The Three Best Dads

 Happy Father's Day Snork!
I am blessed to call you Dad.  I marvel at your selfless, loving heart that continues to touch and brighten the lives of those around you.  You are the dad that always has the right tool or knob in your garage, the dad that always knows how to fix something, and the dad you know you can count on your entire life.  I wish I could hug you today.  I love you so much!
Happy Father's Day Pops!

I am grateful Max had such a wonderful example as a father.  You have taught him well.  I am also grateful that you are my second dad and that you love me like a daughter.  I have a relationship with Christ because God put you in my life.  I love you!

Happy Father's Day Max!
When I imagined a father for my children, he didn't come close to the father you are Max.  You inspire me to be a better mother watching you with our kids.  You are loving, playful and devoted.  If they leave the house only knowing one thing, it will be that they were treasured.  Thank you for being you and doing life with me and our rowdy bunch.  You make all our dreams come true.  Love you baby.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Kate.
So much is accomplished, steered, pushed, delivered, created and made real by kind words.