Happy, Happy, Happy

Max had a happy, happy, happy Father's Day.
 Karlie cooked him a breakfast of eggs, sausage and pancakes.  She made a menu and took orders from everyone.  The choices were plain, blueberry, raspberry or chocolate chip pancakes.  She did an excellent job for her first breakfast.
 It was another hot Arizona day.  The Weber was 150 degrees before Max fired her up for ribs.
 Hot indeed!
Our signature dinner of ribs and grilled veggies.
The gift they were most excited to give Max was a duck call.  We have recently become fans of Duck Dynasty and while we were at Bass Pro they unanimously decided Daddy need a duck call.  I am not sure there are many ducks in the desert but maybe Max can call them to the pool. 
Max and I have not been camping since Hailey was 18 months old.  After Max's desert trip we started thinking  the kids were ready for family camping trips.  They all got really excited to go camping and decided they wanted to get Max some essentials like a camp stove, lantern, cooking spices and a giant carabiner.   I think that is a hint Dad!  Their cards were so sweet and thoughtful.
Hank was very excited to wrap the present in a Batman bag.  He gave him a Batman puzzle and a lantern.
I asked Hank what he wanted me to write on his card.  It was a bit like free association. :)
Dear Daddy,
Thanks for making the house nice, for fixing things, making my bat symbol.  Thanks for letting me have your balls and buying my golf club.  Happy Father's Day!  
Love, Hank.
Then he drew Max and himself. 
I think he sees them as having Spidey powers.
Kaitlin picked out a giant flashlight and wrote this in her card.
To my wonderFul daddy!  I can not see with out you.  I Love you when you fixs the light.  You make my life brighter.
Love, Kaitlin
 When Karlie saw the spice combo set she knew instantly that was what she wanted to get him.  Here is her card. 
The spices you like!  The food in the forest!  Hungry for the cyan (cayenne) pepper, pass the salt and pepper please.  How much do you want the paprika (paprika)?  Can I have the garlic bread with extra garlic?
Love, your gal, Karlie
Hailey saw a foot long carabiner and knew that was the gift for daddy.
She is such the poet.
Strong, dependable, faithful and true,
All these words describe you!
The one that we hang on, depend on, the one that holds up,
KHKKH know you'll never give up!
The guy to latch on
The guy that holds on long.
The one who loves with all his might
And protects us in the night.
Like a carabiner you hold us up,
Just like your.... Red Solo Cup!
Love you Daddy!


Courtney said...

I just LOVE their cards! Totally sounds just like each of their personalities coming out in the writing. What a great day for Max-Happy Father's Day to a great dad!

Lacey said...

I love the cards too...especially the red solo cup part. :) So sweet. Looks like Max had a fabulous Father's day. I think those ribs are jumping through the screen at me...they look DELICIOUS!!

Hope ya'll are having an awesome summer!