Happy National Doughnut Day!

Today is National Doughnut Day!
 This is a day worth celebrating.  It began during World War I when Salvation Army women volunteers would hand out doughnuts to Americans serving overseas.  In 1938 the Salvation Army in Chicago initiated the first Friday in June as National Doughnut Day to celebrate these women's service and to help raise funds during the depression.  In honor of the day Krispy Kreme is giving away a free doughnut of any kind.  Dunkin Doughnuts is also doing it but you must buy a drink for each free doughnut.
Our business will be going to Krispy Kreme, not only because they have the best glazed doughnut ever made but because of their service today.  I am a bargain hunter.  I can't turn down free.  This morning as we headed out to Krispy Kreme, I drove us to Dunkin Doughnuts.  Truth is I have never been to either.  We usually pick our doughnuts up at the grocery store.  We went in anyway and learned we had to buy a drink.  Well the doughnut is 99 cents and the cheapest drink they have is $1.29.  So we are going to pay 30 cents more than the doughnut to get a "Free" doughnut.  Nope.
So I figured it must me up by Walmart and I had gotten my doughnut shops confused.  I loaded everyone back in the car and we drove up to Walmart.  Rats!!  Another Dunkin Doughnuts.  We were on our way to the water park and out of time to run all over town for a free doughnut so I told the kids we would give it a shot on our way back after I look up where I had seen that darn Krispy Kreme.
After our day at the water park they were not about to let me forget our destiny with the d$#@ doughnut.  We had to drive quite a ways out of our way to the Krispy Kreme store that had alluded me all morning.
They doughnut man joyfully greeted us and reminded us it was National Doughnut Day and could he get us a free doughnut!  Victory!  I did buy two milks to split anyway because we were dying after being in the 113 degree heat all day.  He gave us an extra doughnut to share.  Three times the charm. :) Doughnut man made a believer out of KHKKH.  Kaitlin kept saying, "We should come here often!"  Poor Hank had to eat Oreos because he is allergic to eggs, but he was pretty happy to get three!
All that to say, Krispy Kreme is open until 11pm.  Go get a doughnut... The best service and the best doughnut ever!
Find your local Krispy Kreme here.  Like you don't know where it is already-well maybe if you are like me!

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