How Hailey Spent Her 12th Birthday

Hailey was lucky this year to have Auntie Anna visiting on her birthday!  It is the first birthday Anna has been at our house to celebrate.  Anna soon learned that celebration = food in our house!
  The birthday person gets to pick the menu for the day and I must say Hailey has excellent taste.
For breakfast it was creamed eggs over toast.
 Hailey loves Sushi, so it was California rolls of all varieties for everyone but Hank.  He had the rare turkey and American cheese sushi roll with a side of gold fish crackers.
We did lots of crafts while Anna was here and for her birthday craft, Hailey wanted to paint.
Anna got her a book on painting flowers.  I guess she is a fast learner.
The birthday girl's favorite dinner of king crab, artichokes and pasta with daddy's homemade cheese sauce.
 No cake!  Gasp!  Brownie sundaes instead.  Oh, they were so good.  Too bad we all gained 12 pounds in one day!

Presents!  Hank got Hailey a Monsters Inc tank top, Kaitlin got her a 4 pack of horse movies, Karlie got her two sketch pads and then she had to go on a scavenger hunt for her present from Max and me.  Karlie had made up the hunt and had Hailey searching all over the house.  She finally found the big box holding her new bedset.  Hailey wanted to redo her room.  Goodbye horses and hello cool blue.  You know when the horse decor goes out that your little girl is really growing up. :(
Then we had our first inaugural nighttime swim.  We threw in 30 glow sticks and let the kids go wild.  They had a blast with Max.
It was a fun day celebrating Hailey!

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Lacey said...

HOLY COW.....12??? She is looking like a young woman...not a girl anymore!!! Looks like an amazing birthday!!!