Summer Music Recital 2013

 Last Saturday the girls had their music recital. It was fun to have Auntie Anna be able to watch the kids perform.
 This was Kaitlin's first year of piano.  It amazes me how much their little brains can soak up.  I love watching them improve each year.  To think in September she couldn't read any music or play a note to hear what she can do now!

 We want the kids to have a strong music foundation and have been told starting with the piano allows them to gain a foundation in reading music which then allows them to learn other instruments easier.  Therefore, they have to play piano for 2 years before they can take lessons with another instrument.

Karlie has always wanted to play the violin.  As soon as her two years in piano were up she started playing the violin.  She has been practicing the violin since January and we have learned that it is much harder to sound good at the violin than the piano.  A missed key on the piano can go unnoticed but any slight miss on the violin is very noticeable!  It takes a lot of practice to sound good. :)
 Hailey has been taking piano for 5 years and is Ms. Lisa's most advanced student.  She has Fur Elise mastered but had a little hiccup on her performance.  Ms. Lisa wants them to memorize their piece and I think it would have helped if Hailey had her music.  More reason to practice.
I often request Hailey does her practice while I make dinner.  She is quite the musician and has composed two pieces.  It thrills me that the kids can make beautiful music.
Every Tuesday the girls and I head to Ms. Lisa's.  Ms. Lisa teaches them theory and composition.  They have flash cards to learn about the great composers and she will play various pieces and quiz them on who the composer is.  They are learning so much from her.  The girls adore Ms. Lisa and always say lessons are the best part of their day.  That alone makes music in my heart.

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