Sweet Summer Times

I love summertime with kids!  It is so fun to have time to do whatever we feel like.
Sometimes it's a lazy morning playing board games and staying in our PJ's until lunch.
 Other days we take field trips.  While Max was out of town we visited Bass Pro Shop.  The kids acted like it was Disneyland.
They were awing and oohing at all the animals so much when we walked in the greeter started laughing at them. 
 The asked if we could stay for hours, so we did.  They fed the trout, rode the free carousel, tried out all the ATVs, looked at all the rifles, camo clothes, and played in the tents.
They even got a mini archery lesson.  They loved visiting Bass Pro and can't wait to return. Raising us some fine redneck kids. :)
 There is time for painting.  Karlie is rather talented.  She did Hank's Bat and Kaitlin's sunset all by herself.  They just came out and surprised me!
 While the girls were at their music lesson one night Max and Hank got to hit some golf balls.
It is so fun to get to work out with Hailey in the mornings.  While it would be easier if she could come to the gym with me, our home gym improvising works pretty well with coffee table dips, light saber squat bar,  and sit ups with Siri.
 Cool afternoon treats for helping me shop at Costco, Walmart and the grocery store!
 What I love most is seeing them have time to play together.  Hailey and Hank played horses while Kaitlin and Karlie played Barbies.
 Sweet summer times for sure.

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