Auntie Anna Summer Visit

Auntie Anna came to visit us for a week in June!
She got a full dose of the MKHKKH crazy with recitals, Hailey's birthday and a house full of kids stuck inside because it was too hot to play outside.
Luckily Auntie Anna was to the rescue with her crafty ways!  Every day the kids and Anna did a craft. One day they painted the masks they made together during Anna's last visit.
Pretty painted ladies.  Hank did a dinosaur because he can't still long enough to form a mask.

One day they painted canvases.
The two big girls got henna tattoos while I was at swim lessons with the little two another day.  They turned out so great.  I am hoping to talk Anna into doing one for me next time.
Anna's little felt friends were a big hit with Karlie and Hailey even learning how to make their own.
Siri made fast friends with Anna.  Anna and Hailey even gave Siri a mani and pedi with bright pink nails.  Siri was also featured in a William Wegman style video too.  She is a very talented actress.
Hailey and Anna got their archery on one afternoon.
 Katniss doesn't have anything on these girls. :)
 Of course there was lots of time for yummy treats.  It was a really nice and easy going visit.  We all just had a great time being with each other without feeling rushed to get in as much as possible.
Thank you so much for coming and being a part of our crazy for a week and sharing all of your talents with us!  Love you!

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Courtney said...

What an awesomely fun Aunt Anna! You have some lucky kiddos. ;)