Bohemian National Cemetery

As we headed out of Chicago onto Wisconsin we stopped by the Bohemian National Cemetery to see the graves of Max's grandmother Sylvia's (Gigi) family.
The entrance was quite beautiful.
 Gigi's mother, grandmother and grandfather's grave.  Her mother died of the Spanish flu when Gigi was only three weeks old.  Her paternal grandparents raised her and her 2 year old brother Frank.  Tragic deaths marked our grandparent's era with such a greater frequency than what we can imagine today.  Gigi's grandmother then died when she was only 6 years old and her uncle drowned in a winter boating accident.  All of our grandparents had tragic deaths mark their youth.  They are such a tough generation that endured so many hardships.
I really enjoy family lineage and the history that knit together who we are today.  Here are the ancestors with their descendants.  Never knowing each other but entwined. 
Gigi's maternal side is Lithuanian while her paternal side is Czech.  Gigi grew up bilingual, with a great appreciation for her heritage, and a spirit of independence.
I am a lucky girl to get entwined into this family.


Courtney said...

A beautiful thing to be able to "show" your kids. Just the name of the cemetery speaks volumes!

Anonymous said...

Well done, Katie, also, enjoyed so very much seeing "home" again, Chicago has such cultural treasures, so great,so available, and like NY,such a melting pot. Gigi/Gram