Fish Heads

 Day two with cousins was another day that was showered with blessings of goodness.
Spencer and Karlie made pancakes for everyone with the Spencer's specialty of bacon pancakes being a huge hit with MKHKKH.
AJ and Hank battled it out as Star Wars characters.  Hank specifically packed his Darth Vader costume because he wanted to show it to AJ.  They were kind enough to send home a storm trooper costume.
When they weren't battling with light sabers they were racing RC cars.  Hank was in heaven having boys to play with. :) Kaitlin and Laney played Dr and gave everyone a check up while Hailey and Spencer created a minecraft horse farm.  Karlie and Owen were off in their own worlds of fun mingling with the crowd.
Later we went down to the lake to fish.  I can tell you organizing 8 kids is like organizing a Polish army.  Sam fashioned up 8 fishing poles out of branches and fishing line.  I thought to myself there is not a chance these kids will catch anything.  Boy was I wrong!
The blue gill were practically jumping on the line.
Each of the kids pulled at least one if not two fish out.
Karlie and Kaitlin caught some huge ones. :)
Owen was the fishing master.  He pulled out 8!  At the end he was sight fishing.  He would look for them in the water and drop his line in and pull em out!
Spencer was having trouble getting a bite (might have been the little ones constantly knocking into him) so Sam made him a pole worthy of sea fishing.  He pulled in a blue gill with it.
I tried to tell the kids that this was not normal.  Usually you have to be quiet and wait and wait and wait to even get a bite.  It was a constant stream of one kid pulling a fish out and rebating the lines.  It was such a delightful afternoon!
Karlie really wanted to eat her fish for dinner.  No one else was too interested in it, but the dads were willing to help prepare the fish.
Owen and Karlie were all about the fish heads.
A Fish Head Duet

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