Illinois At Night!

 You just have to go to Wrigley Field if you are in Chicago!
To round our really full day we walked to the game from our hotel.  It was a stroll in the park compared to our day. :)  The Majestic Hotel is the closest hotel to the ball park and that is why I chose it.  I didn't want to be dealing with parking late at night.  Walking at night in the most dangerous city in America seemed like a much better idea.

As organized and planned as I try to be, it seems I always botch something.  I realized a month before our trip that I had bought tickets to the Cubs for Wednesday night, not Tuesday night, the night we were actually going to be in Chicago!  Ack!!  Luckily I was I able to sell 5 of them on Stubhub, but my planning inner goddess has yet to fully recover. :(
 Seeing a game was something Max really wanted to do while in Chicago, so I was thrilled to see him enjoying the game.  There really is not a bad seat in the house.
 It was a fantastic game!  The Cubs hit back-to-back home runs and won!  They lost on Wednesday night.
 We finally got to experience some of that Midwest humidity that I remember from my childhood.  It was oppressive.  I kept taking kids out to the fence where the breeze was.  After the 7th inning stretch people from the top deck left and we quickly assumed their spots.  Oh how I wish I had chosen those seats.  It was lovely with a breeze.
 I had worn out my troops.  Kaitlin and Hank fell asleep in the 9th inning.  But hey, we saw an entire Cubs game at Wrigley Field!
To see Max's face was worth the sweat.  It was a home run ending to an action packed day in the city that we wished was just a little bit more windy.

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