Illinois In The Afternoon!

Chicago is an incredible city.  While I am ambitious, there was just no way to see it all in a day.  We tried to squeeze in much around us as we could.
Parking is a pain in the wallet, so we thought we would just walk to Millennium Park from Field Museum. 

  It is just over a mile but after walking all morning in the museum, it became a forced march for tired little people.
 It was a beautiful walk with a few showers along the way.  We stopped and ate our Subway at a nice fountain and then continued on to Millennium Park to see the Cloud Gate sculpture.
The Silver Bean as we call it was pretty cool.
Phew!  We made it!
 The underside was really cool.
 Nana and Pops took Hailey to the The Art Institute of Chicago while we stayed at the park and rested with the little ones.
Their little legs were pretty tired and mama still had a full evening planned.
 Max jogged back to the car and picked us up so they didn't have to walk all the way back.  Our hero!
 We had worked up quite the appetite after all that walking.  We went to Lou Malnaties to have some of Chicago's best deep dish pizza.  We always try to taste foods and drinks from the places we travel.  We sampled a lot of beer along our trip.  :) We tried Chicago Brewery's Half Acre Over Ale.  Perfect with pizza and to refresh your tourism spirit!
Now would someone take me out to the ball game!?

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