As we headed toward Chicago we went through South Bend Indiana.
We like to torture our kids with listening to music we love.  They must have heard Indiana by the Samples a half dozen times.  Many songs will conjure memories of road trips for our kids.  Music is the melody that memories dance on.
What else is there to do in South Bend Indian than see Notre Dame?!
It is a breathtakingly beautiful campus.

Karlie had a grin on her face the whole time.
The Shamrock, or three-leafed clover, has long been the beloved symbol of Ireland.  It is thought to bring food luck, and carries a sense of sacredness, purity, and legend.
So did I.  Seeing all the college students with their whole lives ahead of them, the lush beauty of the trees and grass, and the venerable old buildings created a unique energy that is only found on college campus.  Took me back to my college days.
It is a lovely campus.  Almost made me wish I was Catholic. :)  We stopped in the gift shop and each found a Notre Dame souvenir.  I guess we are officially Fighting Irish fans now!
Ohio had us for the morning so Indiana got us for dinner.

We ate at Legeneds on the campus.  The kids had fun reading about all the past sports legends.  In preparation for our trip we watched the movie Rudy.  They kept thinking every football picture was Rudy.
To taste something special for Indiana, we had Irish Nachos.  Yum!
After watching Rudy, Karlie declared she was going to go to Notre Dame.  I am sure the clover leaf and green have nothing to do with it.  As we walked around the campus she just kept saying she was going to go there.  We told her she would have to get excellent grades and a scholarship.  She began scheming on what scholarship she should start working toward.
Our little fighting Irish!

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