Iowa! Part One

 After our bellies were full, we drove on to Iowa!
 For two nights we would call Hotel Winneshiek our home.
 It is arguably Dechora's nicest hotel along the quintessential small town main street.
I was thrilled to have a bed instead of the pull out couch that Max and I usually get while traveling with 6 in a room.  It was a very charming hotel with really nice staff.
Karlie and Max were the early risers and went out to bring back coffee and bacon each morning!
In the land of pork, we wanted to have bacon for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Mission accomplished. :)
 We chose to stay in Dechora because Max's grandfather Larry was raised there and recently buried there.  We went to the Vesterheim Museum to learn about Max's Norwegian decent.
 Our little Norwegians. :)  We were able to see what the homes, cooking equipment and clothing of the Norwegians were like before they immigrated.
 I was surprised by the depth of the museum for such a small town.  They house the Tradewind, a tiny ship that two brothers used to cross the Atlantic from Norway to New York.
All 6 of us crammed into the family sleeping quarters of a typical immigrants ship.  I thought the Embassy Suites couch was bad!

The Altar from Norwegian Seamen's Church in Brooklyn, NY

We saw many home furnishings that had Rosemaling on it.
 She has fiddling in her genes.
They had an extensive collection of woodworking.  I loved this Viking chair.  Now where can I get one of those??
As road trip travelers, this quote resonated with me.  It is easy in our modern day to complain about the "discomforts" of life.  I found myself grumbling about the spring on the fold out couch that was so fond of my rib, or being frustrated with the kids as they got wound up and out of control after hours in the air-conditioned, leather seats, DVD playing car.  Or tired of the same fast food to eat until our hearts content.  Get a life!  We can not fathom the life and hardships our ancestors lived just 200 years ago.  Yet I identify with leaving our familiar routine and comforts to explore new places and come to discover more about myself in each journey.  Hopefully the kids will gain an appreciation of the time and place they have been born into as we explore America.

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