Life By The Lake

Rowdy bunch!
The kids were so excited to play in the lake.
 They fished for clams and shells.
They made mud pies.
 They splashed... A lot!
 They shared a snack.
 After playing at the lake we went back an got cleaned up for a lovely dinner at Heather's mom Stepahanie's home.
 For us desert dwellers, our eyes were feasting on the lush green and beautiful, giant trees.  Stephanie's yard is gorgeous.  Hailey spent a long time taking pictures of all the beautiful things.  
But the most beautiful sight for me was watching the kids run around capturing fire flies and enjoying each other.  It was a magical night.
 Hank and AJ were two peas in a pod.
 Karlie and Owen were the crazy twosome.
 Laney and Kaitlin were the sweeties.
 Hailey and Spencer were Minecraft  powerhouses.
 So happy to be together!
 The big boys manned the grill and grilled up the best salmon I have ever had.  Stephanie treated us to a really lovely evening.
The grand finally of the night was fireworks over the lake by her house.  Cousins giggling, fireflies, firework, delicious food and drinks, green as far as the eye could see, perfect Midwest summer night with low humidity and hardly any mosquitoes.  Could it get any better?  


Courtney said...

Love this! Looks like a perfect time with family!

Anonymous said...

Katie, you filled this Mid=western lady w/nostalgia tho I must say, leaving mosquitos on a summer night in the mid-West is a giant plus. So delighted you got to know that part of our wonderfully beautiful country and the joy of fresh water fishing. Lv, Gigi