July 5th we set off for a 9 day road trip to capture 8 states!  We left after Max got off work on Friday and arrived in Michigan at 12:30pm to maximize our time to spend with Max's brother and his family.
Needless to say we needed a little pick me up to get started.
Packing was quite the feat.  I prepacked the car snacks for each travel day, clothes were organized by day so we could bring as few suitcases as possible, and the file holding the brains of the operation was about an inch think.  The kids had to carry their sleeping stuff and boredom car busters in their backpacks.  I think packing was the hardest part of the trip.  Once we left the house I was so happy, it was time to start our adventure, no more worrying about what not to forget!
 Michigan was our first state!
 The kids' orthodontist has a contest to see where kids will take him this summer.  So we took him to 8 states!  They have their Dr. Seuss shirts on for each state. :)  Hope we win!

The 3 hour time change was a little tricky especially after not getting everyone in bed until nearly 2 am!  But we have not seen Uncle Sam's entire family in 7 years so missing a little sleep was not going to stop us.  We had never even met AJ and they had never met Hank.  Kaitlin was 3 months old the last time we all got together.  Seeing the cousins together was very special.  Many cousin posts to come.

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Courtney said...

WOW! Look at that ARMY you have. So fun!