North Dakota!

On Saturday we did a trip up to Fargo and back to Minneapolis.  We are committed! 
 I wasn't sure if we were ever going to get that close to North Dakota again, so we just had to visit while we were within a day's drive.
 We went to the North Dakota visitors center to see none other than the Woodchipper!
This is the outside double in case you come to visit when the center is closed.

Here is the official Woodchiper.  They have the original Fargo screenplay on display too.

 Not much else to do but throw back a few Woodchipper IPAs and hit the family fun park.  :)

 We will forever remember Fargo as the first time any of us played Laser Tag (we don't get out much).
 We had so much fun!  The kids can't wait to play again.  
We needed to get back to Minneapolis so we could fly home to Phoenix, which made our trip to Fargo, ND short and sweet.
We captured 8 states in 9 days!  We were all ready to get home by the end of it.  We are now at 21 states visited and 29 to go!

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Courtney said...

You must be saving Hawaii for LAST! :) Way to go Smiths!