It was hard to leave the cousins.  We had such a lovely visit I know it won't be seven years between visits again. Hopefully we can talk them into visiting the desert soon!
  On Monday we headed out for our states journey and drove down to Toledo, Ohio.
 Ohio was only going to get us for the morning since we had to make it to Chicago for bedtime.
 We went to Maumee Bay State Park to ride the Banana Boat.
At first Karlie and I were the only ones that wanted to do it.  We can be a very convincing duo. :)
We had SO much fun on the Banana Boat ride. The boat was pulled by a jet ski. The top speed of the jet ski was 44 miles per hour and we were bouncing all over with water spraying in our faces.  I was holding on for dear life because I was so afraid of one of the little two at the front falling off.  They had no sense of danger and were giggling, laughing and bouncing all over the boat the entire time.  This ranks in the top 5 of things we did on our trip with everyone!  While we may have not been able to see much of Ohio's great landmarks, we will all remember Ohio fondly.  In Katie vacation style it was time to dry off and change and hop in the car to move onto the next destination.

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