Rock Star Snorkel And Sail Day

While we were in Mexico we had the one of the funnest days of our lives.  If you ever go near Cancun you must book a snorkel and sail trip with Local Quickies!
They picked us up at our hotel at 7:30 and took us to the Local Quickie head quarters to meet up with a few other people and collect the equipment.  They provided snacks, water and sunscreen for the day along with the snorkeling equipment.  Lunch and all entry fees were also included.
 The first place we snorkeled was in a beautiful lagoon where the fresh water met the sea.  It was crystal clear and then where the mixing took place it looked like oil in water.  We saw so many beautiful fish.
After that we headed to Sea Turtle Bay and swam with giant sea turtles!  Some were the size of Hank!
 We also saw baby squid and a sting ray.
 The turtles were completely enchanting.  They are so graceful and beautiful in the water.  I followed one for a little bit and could have just kept marveling at him as he swam.
 I haven't been snorkeling since our honeymoon and it was better than I remembered.
 I think Max could have snorkeled all day too.
 I imagine only in Mexico can you get this close to turtles.
 I didn't touch one but could have.
After the Sea Turtle Bay we went to a cenote!  Our guide EZ was Mayan and he called it a Mayan swimming pool.  It was so cool and refreshing.  They had two cliffs you could jump off.
The jump off the baby cliff was enough of a thrill for me!  You could also dive down under the cliffs to see the underwater cave that the fresh water feeds out of.  Our guide told us there are thousands of underwater caves that connect throughout the Riviera.
 Then it was time for lunch!  We had the best fish tacos ever at a local restaurant.  We ended up eating our guide Vasco's left over shrimp tacos too.  They were delicious.
 Then we headed to Tulum to relax on the white sand beach and play in the crystal clear turquoise water.  The catamaran to my left in the photo was our boat.
 The Mayan ruins were along the cliffs.  It was a very romantic place to walk in the surf.  Breathtaking beauty everywhere they eye could see.
After a little time to relax and enjoy the gorgeous beach a water taxi took us out to the catamaran.  It is the largest catamaran in the Caribbean.  At 80 feet wide, it use to be a competitive racing boat but has been converted to a party sail boat.  It can hold 100 people but our trip only had 15.
The crew was exceptionally nice.  Their goal was to make you feel like a rock star during the two and a half our sail.
They had the music playing and an unlimited open bar.
 All you had to do was hold you hand up and they would bring you a drink of whatever you requested.  
Oh, me and tequila.  I may have been the impetuous for everyone doing shots.  I am sorry to our new friend from Minnesota.  She didn't fair so well after the ride was over.  Tequila makes me crazy but we sure partied like rock stars on the boat :)
 Local Quickies goal is that you feel like you are not on tourist trip but hanging out with friends.  Mission accomplished!
Vasco and EZ were very knowledgeable, friendly and fun. EZ was able to tell us so much about each place we visited.  Vasco is fluent in 5 languages and has been going from country to country picking up jobs and learning the language in each place.  We were his last tour.  He was heading to Norway for his next adventure.
Rock star day for sure!

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