Truly Excellent At The Excellence

Every detail was excellent at the Excellence Riviera Cancun.  They had a cute little anniversary banner across our door.
Then the love birds.
We had a swim out room with a hammock...
and an outdoor jacuzzi.
A fully stocked mini bar with a unlimited drinks.  I especially like the Snickers bars. :)
 They had some amazing entertainers and live music.  I even got Max to dance with me.  With enough Martinis he is practically Fred Astaire.
 The food was also excellent.  24 hour room service rocks.  I had Eggs Benedict many mornings.
On our anniversary night they set up a special table at the French restaurant Chez Isabelle.  We dined on crepes filled with mushrooms and goat cheese, roasted duck and beef medallions with a Bearnaise sauce and creme Brulee for desert.  There may have been a bottle or two of wine in there too.
The only buffet style was at breakfast.  We ate at a different restaurant every night.

Since it was all inclusive, Max's plan of attack was the more we ate and drank, the better price performing the vacation was.  Well, we did our best!

Tequila anyone?
 Margarita tasting. Mango, Guava, Tamarindo, and traditional.  Yes, we liked the traditional best, but it was our 4th one, so I imagine anything would have tasted good!
Martinis, Cosmos, and wine.
Then we had to try the drink of the day and a few fruity drinks on the beach.  They even had cabana boys.  I seriously thought I was in a movie but then again it could have been the rum, or tequila or vodka talking.
Yes, we got pretty Coco Loco!

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Courtney said...

What a beautiful place. So glad you got your anniversary trip-you two deserve excellence!