First Day of School

 Yesterday was the first day of school!!
Hank is a big boy now and goes to all day Kindergarten... every day.... gulp.... all day...
 Kaitlin is in second grade!
 Karlie is a fourth grader!

 Hailey is a seventh grader!  
When did my babies grow up?!?!?!?
 It was a hectic morning.  I did not miss packing lunches and water bottles.

But after a half an hour I managed to get everyone packed and ready to go for the day.
It was time to go to school!
 We are very pleased with the teachers the kids got this year.  They are going to have a great year and Hank got his best buddy in his class too!  Double trouble. :)
Hailey is a big girl and took the bus first day but I will drive the little ones for a while until they (Hank) get comfortable with it.  We did the Kissing Hand before they left.  I had to try very hard not to cry when I said goodbye to Hank in his class and he kissed my hand.  It was time to make a quick exit to the safety of my tinted window car.  Neither Kaitlin or Hank cried!  Just me.   I am happy my kids are better emotionally adjusted to going back to school than their mother.
 Luckily for both of us Kindergarten has a half day the first two days.  I was very happy to pick up one of my buddies!  The house is so quiet.  I got so much done in 3 hours.  I have decided I am a desperate housewife...  I am desperate to not do the chores that a housewife with no children at home should accomplish.  I think that is why I like having them home so much.  I love to play and have and excuse to not do 10 loads of laundry or organize the medicine and Tupperware cupboards or clear out the filing cabinet.  Playing with them is SO much better!
 I think the first day took it out of him.  Maybe I should home school him.  It just might be too hard on him. ;)

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