Our Time In Telluride

Grammy, Grampu, Bubbus, RJ, Rayah, Alanah, Aunt Mel, Uncle Collin and Corrin all met us in Telluride!  It was a beautiful place for a family get together and a playground for grown ups and kids alike!
Our first day in Telluride was rainy and cold.  It was awesome!  It was really fun to wear pants, long sleeves and coats!  We won't get to put warm clothes on again until November.
We drove up to Bridal Veil Falls.  Max took Hailey and Karlie all the way to the bottom.  They were soaking wet when they got back to us!  It would be fun on a hot day to ride your bike to the falls and cool off from the mist.
The next day we took a family bike ride along the San Miguel River.  
It was quite the production to transport 8 bikes, a bike trailer, a bike buggy, 7 kids and 4 adults on and off two gondolas to get to the bike trail.
 Circus is a word that comes to mind. :)
  It was Kaitlin's first time on her big mountain bike off road.  She was hanging in and doing so great but the trail was muddy in parts from the rain.  She took a flip over her bike and landed in a mud puddle.  While it was dirty, I was thankful it was a soft landing.  My heart stopped beating as I saw her crash. :(
I had been trying to keep my new sweatshirt tucked up under my backpack so it wouldn't get all muddy from the tire spray.  However, the minute I picked Kaitlin up off the muddy trail, I grabbed that brand new sweatshirt and started rubbing all the dirt off her and tried to dry her tears with it.  It is funny how you think something means a lot until something someone you really care about needs it.
 Little Kaitlin is a tough chick and after some hugs and kisses she was back on her horse!  She rode all the way back trying her hardest to keep up and not complaining even though she seriously roughed up her knee.
The next day we went four wheeling up Last Dollar road.  It was absolutely incredible beauty everywhere the eye could see.  It was one of those days you will always remember.
 So high I thought I could fly.
 Max brought along the shot gun and everyone got a chance to shoot skeet off the top of Telluride.
Even Grammy got in the redneck spirit.
I love shooting!
Hailey looks like a natural.
 Only Karlie can make skeet shooting look fashionable. :)
 Kaitlin wasn't too sure about it, so she had Max pull the trigger.
 Hank was all about it and fired off a second round before Max was totally ready.  Quick draw Hank.
On the way back, Max let the kids drive.  They loved it.
We all loved four wheeling, even if my black bus did get a few scrapes.
 The cousins had so much fun goofing around together.
And tackling Max as usual.
 On our last day we had a chance to shop in the town.  Some pretty cute souvenirs.
 Max and I like to sample food and especially beers from the places we go.
 The Smugglers Brew Pub was just what we were looking for.  Great burgers and good beer.
 One of the best parts of Telluride is the free gondolas.  Max thought he had died and gone to mountain biker heaven.  He could have ridden downhill all day, for FREE!
   Thanks to Grammy and Grampu watching the kids, I was able to go with him one morning.
  I haven't ridden something technical since before Hailey was born.  It was so fun!  However, I was trying to go up a steep section and tipped over backward.  The handle bars hit me across the nose and gave me a bloody nose.  When we got back to the lodge, I had a black eye too.  I guess I am a little rusty.
 Good times with Auntie Mel!
 Cute cousins.
 A sweet shot of some sweeties sharing ice cream treats.
Telluride is stunning.  It is the perfect place for our family to flee to in the heat of the Arizona summer.  Bikes, hikes, four wheeling, guns, fishing, and swimming, all add up to a pretty wonderful place for MKHKKH.

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Courtney said...

We would love to meet you there sometime! We love Telluride! So many great pics and great memories. Way to go tough chicks on bikes ;) Glad no one was seriously hurt!