Taking Off For Telluride

The week before the kids went back to school we took off for Telluride, Colorado.
 Hank and Kaitlin got all loaded up for the big trip!
My cowboy got all locked and loaded for our wild west vacation too. :)
Steamboat has been our summer vacation spot for the 7 prior years but it takes 2 days to drive there now.  We wanted to see if Telluride could become our new Steamboat.  This way we can drive and bring all our toys.  The black bus was a masterpiece packing job by Max.  Six bikes, a bike buggy, 5 suitcases and a cooler!  Not one thing fell off!
We woke the kids up at sunrise and loaded them up in their PJs.  We made it to Flagstaff for breakfast.
Then we drove to Four Corners for lunch.

There it is... That is it.  But it is fun to say each of my kids where in a different state at the same time.
Of course then so were each of their limbs.  This is starting to feel like a Dr. Seuss book.
After a picnic lunch we drove on to colorful Colorado!!
It was like we crossed the state line and it started to to turn green.  Oh how I miss that beautiful state.
Telluride is without a doubt the most beautiful places I have seen.  Steamboat will always hold a special place in our heart, but Telluride will do just fine.
What a place!
Of course we tortured the kids with Tim McGraw's song Telluride over and over because that is what mean parents do.

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Courtney said...

Oh I LOVE LOVE Telluride! Just so beautiful. Glad you found a new summer love...