A Night In Uruguay

 One night last week we decided to have a Uruguay inspired dinner.  One of the best parts of traveling is getting a chance to taste the flavors and foods of the region.  
While Max was speaking in South America he had a chance to eat the most wonderful sandwich ever, the chivito.  It is so good, it is the national food of Uruguay!
 I picked up a Malbec from Argentina to pair with it.  We learned Argentina has the most acreage of Malbec grapes in the world.  The original grape vines were brought from South France in the mid 1800s.  In the late 19th century a phylloxera plague struck France and wiped out this specific variant of grapes.  The Argentina Malbec was very dark and velvety.  Perfect with a hearty sandwich!
First Max toasted the Kaiser rolls with Mayo on them in the oven.  Then he topped one side with Bibb lettuce and tomatoes.  He fried up bacon and cooked fillet Mignon in the same pan.  Then he added some thinly sliced ham.  Finally he fried the eggs, added olives and thin slices of mozzarella.  Do you see why it is SO good!?  Everything is better with an egg on it. :) 
So what if it is your calorie allotment for a week.  It is worth it!!
Dessert was imported (by Max) lemon cookies from Argentina.
It was a culinary visit to Uruguay without the 30 hours of travel each way!  I can't wait to visit Uruguay for dinner again!

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