Hailey's New Room

We have had quite the busy and exciting summer!  In between vacations, family visiting and trying to capture as much fun all summer as we could, we have been playing musical rooms.  When we moved here two years ago, the K buddies wanted to continue to share a room.  This was great because it gave us a guest room and all the kids next to our room.  However, we always anticipated Hailey moving across the house to the guest room when she was old enough and when the Karlie and Kaitlin no longer wanted to share.
 That day arrived.  For Hailey's birthday she got a new bed set and paint for her new room.  Kaitlin would then move into Hailey's room.
 It seems we had just gotten Hailey's room painted and decorated when everyone (except me) was suddenly ready for the big move.
 I loved having all the kids next to our room and a guest room open for all of our family and friends.  I was and am still worried about Hailey being all the way at the other end of the house, so the dog sleeps with her to make me feel better. :)
 Hailey grew up so much from 6th to 7th grade.  Her room went from a sweet, little girls room adorned with horses and unicorns to a very cool and tween looking room.
As we (Max) painted and moved furniture, I was grateful that I never got around to decorating the guest room.  Sometimes procrastination does pay off!
The carpet in the entire house needs to be replaced and we took the plunge first with Hailey's room to make sure we liked it.  Hailey picked a soft grey and aqua paint for her walls.  Max expertly painted them, did the base boards, replaced the off white vents and electric panels.  She currently has the nicest room in the house.
 We decide to give Hailey our bedroom set and buy a new one for our room.  She now has a bed big enough for her and Siri to sleep on.

 She loves her art wall where she can display all of her current drawings.
 While the horses still have a presence, they are a little less prominent.
 I really love the colors she chose.  It is very soothing.
 The beloved stuffies have made their home in the closet.  Reminds me of Toy Story 2. :(

Even her masterpiece Belle now resides in her closet.  I guess Hailey is a closet unicorn and horse lover.  LOL.  It is both wonderful and terrible that my baby is becoming a woman.  Alas she is ready.  Kaitlin's room next!

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Courtney said...

So pretty! I am sure you have several happy ladies in the house. :)