Karlie Becomes A Brace Face!

Yesterday Karlie got braces on!  For her last supper on Wednesday night she chose steak, cheesy rice and a whole apple.  
We had a dentist's nightmare for desert... Brownie Banana Splits!  Karlie worked on a giant pack of Starburst all day too, since she wont be tasting those for over a year.

 As she was getting her braces on I teased her that I always thought she had a big mouth.  :)
 She was all smiles right after with her neon pink and neon green rubber bands but by the time school got out she was in tears with pain.  Her braces are spring loaded and have already changed the shape of her mouth in less than 24 hours.  
Karks rarely cries from pain and she has been in tears several times with these braces.  I hurt for her.  I know it will be all better in another day, but my heart brakes to see her in pain.  I am hoping some smoothies and ice cream can cheer her up today.
Two brace faces down... Two to go!

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Courtney said...

Awww, such a beautiful girl. I love her choice in band colors-so Karlie-all COLOR!