Last Weekend of Summer... Sorta

We tried to soak up the last official weekend of summer.  We worked around the house and Max got to many of his Honey Do List chores while I painted part of our bathroom.
 We had to soak up some sunshine a good times by the pool.
 While we were by the pool, Hailey decided to practice her archery.  She is getting so good that she makes it look easy.  I thought I would give it a try.  She is a strong and accurate little lady!  It is much harder than I anticipated.  Hailey coached me and I eventually managed to hit the hay bale.  We had just finished telling the kids how them must stay behind the firing line when a freak accident happened.  The arrow bounced off the back wall and returned to strike me in the face.  I was a few feet behind Hailey watching her when it happened.  I thought I was going to lose my front tooth.  It bloodied up the outside and inside of my upper lip but my tooth was what hurt the most.  We are so thankful it hit me and not one of the kids that were also standing behind the firing line.  It was a near miss that showed us Hailey now must wear eye protection and the kids can't even be on the grass when she is shooting.  It could have been so much worse.  I just look like I have chocolate on my lip.  My girlfriend reached over this morning to rub it off and rubbed off my scab!  LOL
 I wasn't the only one to get banged up!  Hailey's arm was totally bruised Monday morning.  That bow gave us a smack down.
 Sunday was full of church, chores, homework, football and a night of watching Miss America with all my girls!  We still think Miss Kansas should of won. ;)
We sent off summer as busy bees with never a dull moment, just as summer was!  With it being 106 today, I am looking forward to cooler temperatures to come in fall.  We are all getting excited for warm, fall foods, wearing jeans and close toed shoes, and the festive fun that all begins in fall!

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