MKHKKH's First Camping Trip!

The kids have been dying to go camping.  For Father's Day Max got a tent and a camping stove to get us geared up to go.  Our summer was so busy we didn't have a chance to go until last weekend. 
I guess one good thing about living in the burning hot desert is that September is still a prime time to camp.  We left Scottsdale with it being 111 degrees.  When we woke up the next morning in the mountains it was only 56!
Woods Canyon's Aspen campground is only an hour and a half away but feels like the Rocky Mountains.  We had beginners luck and I just randomly picked an open campsite online the week before we left.  It turned out to be a great site!  The only problem was we left Friday night after Max got off work and made a mad dash for the woods.  We were going to be setting up the tent for the first time... in the dark!  Can you say pressure!
 As we raced against the fading sunlight everyone worked to unpack and set up camp as quickly as we could.
 The Elk came by to check out the people running around like chickens with their heads cut off.
 We had a lovely first evening after getting camp all set up.  We ate S'mores and gazed at the most stars the kids have ever seen.  Hailey was beside herself with delight when she could see the milky way!
 Three trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night, Hank crying because he was cold, and trying to keep the dog from shivering made the sunrise awakening a welcome sight.
 Everybody was all smiles despite our fitful night.  
 Kids just love to be outdoors.
 We were all relishing being in pants, coats and wanting to be near the warmth of the fire.
 Siri is such a desert dog that she was even cold with her sweater on. :)
 The new camp stove worked too!
 Our campground had no cell service and no 4G.  It was wonderful to be completely disconnected.  As we were driving up Hailey asked nonchalantly, "what the password for the wifi was going to be at this place."  Clearly it is time to get these kids camping. :)
 We really enjoyed being in the moment and spending time together without the distractions of today's technology.  We played UNO, Candy Land, and war.

 You can dress a redneck up but he is still a redneck.  
My man proudly hung the US flag and brought all sorts of boy "toys."  Hank's favorite thing to do was look at the "Uncle Dave Knife."  Even the girls got into carrying knives around.
 In the afternoon we went to Woods Canyon Lake.  The kids all caught a fish!
It was such a beautiful spot and in walking distance from our campsite.
 While they are all fine with the worms...
 The fish are another story!  LOL
 A pretty good catch!
After fishing we took a walk along the Mogollon Rim.
 The views were stunning.  

I could of kept walking but our little campers were getting tuckered out.
 So we headed back to camp for dinner.
 The kids were thrilled to get to eat Spaghetti Os for dinner.  Max and I brought along homemade Pasole!  Everything revolves around eating when you are camping.
 My flower children.
 Siri really enjoyed camping with us.  I think she feels part of our pack now, although we will need to get a bark collar for the next trip.  She felt it was her duty to alert us to any approaching person, which is not good at a campground.
We had grand plans for another big S'mores night but the weather had other plans.  It began to rain and didn't stop all night.  The good news is the new tent was thoroughly water tested and we stayed totally dry.  The bad news is that we had to pack up in the pouring rain.  We were soaked to the bone.  But it couldn't rain on our parade.  We had a great camping trip and a little water was no big deal.  The kids are already asking when we get to do it again!

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Courtney said...

I love Hailey's comment about the Wi-Fi! Cate may not be able to remember our cell phone numbers, but she can remember the lockout code to the ipads!
Looks like you found a beautiful place to camp. PLEEAAASE come see US for camping or skiing or hiking or fishing or rafting or WiFi!