While The Big Cat Is Away, The Little Mice Will Play

Max has been traveling for work a lot this year.  Three weeks ago he was in Brazil for a week and he was in Argentina at the beginning of this week and is finishing up in Uruguay before he gets to come home.  I have learned that busy is better while he is gone.
While the big cat is working hard in South America at private island resorts and being wined and dined, the mice at home are playing. :)
 The rainbow loom has been a huge hit.  The little mice are making bracelets for everyone and every dog they know.
A typical morning starts out nice and quiet as in the above video.  Then it is off to school.
Kaitlin bridged to a Brownie this week!  Don't forget your favorite Girl Scout when it's cookie season.
After school homework, volleyball, horses, piano, violin, Girl Scouts, and karate manage to fill the time until dinner. 
 Before you know it, it is time for brushing teeth, stories and kisses.  Luckily Siri filled in for the nightly snuggles.  She even got in Karlie's top bunk to kiss Karlie good night.
The kids each get a night to sleep in Daddy's spot.  While we have all gotten more accustom to Daddy being gone, no amount of busyness can hide our excitement that he is done traveling for the year or our eagerness to see him!
I can't wait to see you!

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