Beachy Day

After Disneyland we decided to take a day off from the theme park scene and spend a day playing at the beach.
 The kids could not wait to run in the water!  They quickly found out it was very chili water!
I brought my and my sister's old wet suits from when we were teens.
Hailey wore mine and Karlie almost fit into Kerrie's!
 Time warp 22 years ago!  My brother-in-law Scott, my sister Chrysti, my sister Kerrie, her best friend Alexia, Max and me on the end!
Kaitlin didn't need a wet suit, she was determined to boogie board!
Karlie caught her fair share of waves too, while Hailey seemed to take to body surfing.
 I learned if we are ever going to spend a significant amount of time at the beach, we will need more than one board. :)
 Does it get much better than all four kids playing in joy and happiness together all day!?
We played at the beach all day and almost made it until sunset.
 The kids (big and small) had so much fun in the sand.
Both Hank and Kaitlin thought this was a great way to warm up, however the did not enjoy getting the sand out of every nook and cranny.
 Too cool for school...
 Hailey brought her mermaid tail and was quite the catch.  Many little girls along the beach stared at her in wonder. :)
I wonder where my little girl has gone. 
 This girl is meant for the ocean life.  
 Hailey dressed up for the mermaid ball with seaweed. :)
 Max and I couldn't figure out how they were playing in the water all day.  Max was a good dad and got in the water to help the little ones boogie board, however I didn't even get my sweatshirt off!
 We had a wonderful day at the beach and can't wait to hit the beach next summer!
It was the first night we were not too tired to get a PJ picture!
 California Adventure here we come!

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