California Adventure

Once again we were at the gates waiting for the park to open for our day at California Adventure.
 I can't say how much Ridemax helped us plan our day and be able to use the Fast Pass system so that we never stood in a line longer than 10 minutes and were able to ride every single ride, some twice!
 But it requires serious planning and effort.  Sometimes Max would have to ditch us while we were in line to grab the next Fast Pass.  

When the park opened the line to get the Fast Pass for the Cars ride was 20 minutes (the longest line Max waited in both days!), so I took the kids on Toy Story and the carousel while he grabbed the Fast Passes.
 Then we met up for a ride on the Mickey's Ferris wheel.  You know I am going to get my kiss at the top!
 Then the littles and I did Goofy's roller coaster while Max and Hailey rode Californian Screaming, the only ride Hank was too small for and the K buddies were a little too scared to ride it.
Hailey loved it so much I did it with her later in the afternoon too.
I did the swings with the H buddies and Kaitlin while Max and Karlie grabbed Fast Passes.
 Hank got absolutely drenched on Grizzly River.  He was such a good sport.  I would not have been so happy with a wet bum for the next few hours.
 Next was Tower of Terror!  Everyone loved it but Kaitlin.  She was trembling.  The little boy behind us was screaming, "This is a nightmare!!!"  He was crying and Karlie kept checking on him.  But Hank and Max just couldn't get enough.  LOL
 We then did Monster's.
Monsters Inc holds a special place in all our hearts.
 We did Flying Over California too.  That was the favorite family ride.
Next was the Little Mermaid...
  We had some tasty sandwiches and clam chowder for dinner and took a rest to watch the parade.
 We enjoyed California Adventure much more than Disneyland.  The availability of beer might have had something to do with it. :)
The kids enjoyed the parade.
 I guess we are more of a Pixar family.
 Then we finished up with the flying tires ride that was a bust!
 We had tickets for World of Color but at sunset everyone was done and ready to go.
MKHKKH crushed it!
However, my tired warriors still had energy to climb one last mountain as we left.
 I feel almost unAmerican saying that we are not Disney people.  But the theme park scene just didn't do it for us.  While the rides are fun, the rides at Sea World were as good and some better.  It is extremely expensive and overly crowded. 
 I am sure part of it was that we have been dreaming of how great it would be for years.  We rode every ride, we spent as little as you could on food by packing water and snacks and only having one meal in the park.  Yet, we just don't get the hype.  The kids had way more fun at the beach.  Hailey summed it up for MKHKKH, "I don't ever have to go back to Disneyland until I HAVE to take my kids there."  So I guess Disney World won't be our destination for Florida on our states trip. :)

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Lacey said...

I've never been the the Disneyland, but we LOVED Disney World. Our best vacation as a family to date!! I did hear that disneyland is like Magic Kingdom and that was our least favorite park. I am dying for you to try Florida----but also hate for you to shell out all the money if you really just aren't Disney people!!! Boo!!! You still made some good memories though, right?!?