Curious George's Weekend with MKHKKH

 Hank's Kindergarten class pet is Curious George.  Every weekend he gets to go home with one lucky kid.  Last weekend was Hank's weekend with George.  
Part of the assignment it to write a page about what you did with George over the weekend.  Lets just say we had a hard time fitting it all in!
Everywhere Hank went, George went too.  He LOVED having George.  They played on the iPad together.
Max spent all day Saturday adding the slide to the tree house.  Hank and George were his trusted helpers.  Hank and George were the first one's down the slide!

 George got to visit the Doctor when Karlie was sick.  He got to go to Karate with Hank.  He read all the monkey and Curious George books with Daddy.  Hank wanted to make blueberry pancakes for George.  Every night Hank held him tight.
 George enjoyed our first dinner outside that wasn't in the pool.  Fall is here!
 One of the coolest things George got to do was go to the last Diamondbacks game of the year with Hank's Great Grandpa!
George even got to run the bases!  Hank was sad to see George go but we sure had a fun and busy weekend with him.  Be a good little monkey. :)

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Courtney said...

Whoa!!! What a great time George had! Looks like you all are having a beautiful fall. miss you!