It has taken me a long time to convince Max to do Disneyland.  Lets just say he was not motivated to pay a bunch of money to stand in lines all day. :)  Knowing this might be our only shot at Disneyland I had every app and planning tool at my disposal to ensure the least amount of waiting and how to get every last drop of fun out of the day.
 The day started waiting for the gates to open!
 I highly recommend Ridemax for planning your day.  You put in the day you are visiting and based on data collected for the same day in years past, the planning program spits out an itinerary for your day.  It was awesome!  It gives you estimated wait time, time to walk to next ride or FastPass and how long the ride lasts.  You are able to check what rides you want to do and put in breaks during the day.  Thanks to Ridemax most of our waits were less than 10 minutes and the longest was when we skipped the plan and did the Haunted Mansion, which was a 40 minute wait.
 Our first ride was Buzz Lightyear!
 Kaitlin and Max's favorite ride was Mr. Toad's wild ride.
 The overall favorite was Star Tours.  I was chosen as the spy.  The kids got a kick out of my face on the big screen.  Too bad I looked like Dopey.
 Pirates of the Caribbean was a crowd pleaser.  Karlie is not a fan of the big drops, so this was just her pace.
We were pleasantly surprised at how good the food was.  Clam chowder and steak gumbo in a bread bowl.  After some fuel it was time to crush it!
Splash Mountain was the perfect way to keep our cool as we ran all over the park.
Everyone but Karlie loved this one.
 OK, smile and look like you are having the best day of your life!
 Kaitlin wanted to send one of herself to her teacher. :)
 By far the coolest experience for our family was the Jedi Training academy.  Hank brought his Jedi robe from home in hopes of getting picked to train.
 He got picked and was over the moon!
 Then Kaitlin got picked!
Karlie got chosen too!  A hat trick of MKHKKH kids to fight the dark side.  The Jedi master must have felt the Star Wars force with in them. :)
Darth Vader arose out of his ship...
And Darth Maul too!
They were spectacular.  They were so real  Hank thinks they had to leave their real light sabers in the ship so they wouldn't accidentally hurt the kids. :)
It was so cute!
Karlie took on Darth Maul with all she had!
Kaitlin was a little more timid but she put him through the paces.  The show was really well done and allowed about half the kids in the audience to participate.
Tarzan's Tree House allowed them to be wild kids.
Afternoon ice cream treats made everyone smile for real!  Again we were surprised a double scoop only cost $4.50.
It was time to head back to the hotel to rest up for the night time portion.  
We had ridden every ride that we wanted to but Peter Pan's flight and Matterhorn Bobsled.  We tried twice to ride Matterhorn and it broke down both times we were in line!  Hailey was not happy.
After dinner and resting we headed back to do Haunted Mansion and Indiana Jones. 
 Navagating through the massive crowds for the parade was frightening.  Trying to hold onto the little ones made it a stressful expereince.  Hailey said she has never felt like she wanted to cry before because of being suffocated by so many people.  It was insanely crowded.
We found our spot to camp out for the fireworks.  My mice were fading fast.
Then 2 of them crashed!
But wait!  We are not done having fun yet!  Wake up and have fun!
  It is the magic moment!
The fireworks were nice but in their attempt to run through all the Disney ballots it seemed a little disjointed.   However, Karlie loved seeing Tinker Bell fly over the Magic Castle and it was festive way to end the day.
I had plans to close down the park by watching Fantasmic next, but at that point it became torture to force everyone to march on.  They were such good troopers.  No one wanted to say they were done but the look on their face was clear.
They had their fill of Disneyland.  It was time to get them to bed and rest up for our next fun filled day!

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