Halloween Happiness

I think I enjoy the Halloween holiday season as much (more than) as the kids!  It is a whole month with fun things to do, eat and drink.
It starts with "Halloweening" the house with decorations.  Then we begin Booing friends and neighbors to get everyone in the spirit.
 The advent calendar was full of daily surprises, sometimes with a little treat and sometime with a little trick to find their treat.
Early in the month they had to go on a hunt for their Skelly Jammies.
 This is the first year I was able to use hand me downs for all 4 girls (Siri too)!  I only had to buy Hank new ones. :)  What a treat!
 So, Max got a pair of Skeleton PJ bottoms too. :)
Max's Morgue continues...
I love all the festive treats!  Nana sent these Day of the Dead treat boxes and they are to die for.
 Frozen eyeballs in milk at dinner was a ghoulish trick.
 A little Poizin treat for the two big pumpkins.
And endless fun pumpkin themed treats.  We have had scones, muffins, seeds, and cupcakes.  Packing Halloween jokes in their lunches was a fun way for me to start the day.  Here's a sample of how easily I am amused...
Where does the vampire store his money?
The blood bank!
What did Dracula say after reading my jokes??
They suck! :)
Bedtimes stories were festive and fresh with our October books.  We have had so much Halloween happiness!  I am very excited for all the treats I have planned for my little pumpkins tomorrow!

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