Pray For Titus

 My nephew Titus is in brain surgery right now.  He is so brave and courageous.  He has to endure so much since he had a brain aneurysm when he was just two years old.  It is a miracle that he survived and is perfectly healthy!
Today he is having a new, larger plastic piece placed in his skull to fill the hole that has formed as he has grown.  We are praying this is the last surgery Titus will ever need!
My sister posted this picture of his CT scan.  It is pretty amazing.  We are so grateful for his doctor that has been caring for Ti since he was 2. 
Karlie made Titus prayer bracelets that we have been wearing all week to remember to pray for Titus, Scott, Chrysti, Maximus, the surgeons, and nurses caring for Ti.  It is so hard to be away from family in times of need.  We wish more than anything we were there to hug them, love them and help.  So if you read this today, please keep Titus in your thoughts and prayers.  We love you T-bird!!


Courtney said...

I hope everything went smooth and he is on the road to recovery! Love the prayer bracelets.

Anonymous said...

Have and will continue to do so! U Dave