Pumpkin Patch

While we were in beautiful California, I figured we should visit a real pumpkin patch on our way home.  We stopped at Tanaka's pumpkin patch.  While they did grow pumpkins, they had been harvested a while ago, which was a little disappointing.  Nothing can quite compare to our beloved pumpkin patched in Colorado.
 But this was better than the grocery store and anything within 3 hours of our house in Arizona. :)
 The kids love picking their pumpkins.
 Karlie had quite a difficult time deciding just which pumpkin to choose.  She wanted a tall and skinny one. 
 Hailey felt guilty not choosing the ugly and misshapen pumpkins.
 Kaitlin searched for a perfectly round one and Hank went back and forth on a little one or a white pumpkin.
 After everyone chose a pumpkin we took a few family shots.  It made me miss our pumpkin patch days with all my family.
 Max wheeled the pumpkins and the three little pumpkins down to the check out.  Pretty precious pack of pumpkins.
I sure love all my pumpkins!
Here are my pumpkins doing a little dance at the gas station as we filled up on our way home. Got to get the wiggles out! 

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