Hailey's Middle School decided to enter the Katy Perry and Good Morning Amercia's contest to hear your school Roar!  All of the kids are very excited at the prospect of wining a private concert at their school.  Go Cougars!
 Hailey was so excited to create the artwork for the school Pep assembly.
 She only had two nights and spent over 8 hours constructing a giant cougar.  I stayed up with her until nearly 10 pm one night helping her color.
 She and a girlfriend held up the sign as her entire school sang their own version of Roar.
 Her first art show! :)  You are going to hear Hailey ROAR!
Hailey's School Roar version

I used to show up late and talk in class
Didn’t show the teachers my respect
Never sat quietly, yelled out constantly
I guess I forgot to take ownership
Achievement lacking, clearly needed help
I stood for nothing, had no responsibility
Kept myself down, time I stood up
Already brushing off the past
Listen to my voice, hear the sound,
My self-esteem has just been found
You put me down,  called me names
Get ready ‘cause it’s not enough
I see past it, I see my strength

I’ve got the eye of the cougar, a student
Passing in my classes
‘Cause I am a leader and you’re gonna see 
Louder, faster than a cheetah
‘Cause I am a leader and you’re gonna see me ROAR
Oh oh oh oh oh oh

Oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh
You’re gonna see me roar

Now education empowers me
Positive thoughts guide my actions
I went from zero, to my teacher’s hero

I’m done being what others want
Already climbing to the top
I project my voice, strong and loud
Making all my family proud
I’m at the top of Mountainside
Get ready ‘cause I’m at the peak
I earned it all, I’ll show you how


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Courtney said...

Oh, she has grown up so fast! I love her school's song-Go Cougars!!! I hope they win!