Wickedly Wild Weekend

 With last weekend being the big Halloween weekend, we managed to have a party every night!
Friday night we went to the Scottsdale Spooktacular where the kids got to trick or treat at hot air balloons.  It was quite the event!
 We took a page out of Dr. Seuss' book this year.  Max is the Grinch, I am the Cat in the Hat, Hailey is Thing 1, Karlie is Thing 2, Kaitlin is Horton, and Hank is the Lorax!
 We realized next year we have to get there earlier as some of the balloons were running out of candy! 
Saturday night one of Max's colleges had her annual Halloween party.  Hank looked like the Lorax had rolled in dirt after eating half a bag of marshmallows at the chocolate fountain.  The kids had a fun running around with other kids.  I enjoyed not having to cook dinner all weekend!
 Sunday was time to carve pumpkins!
 It is strange that pumpkin carving is a marking post for the kids growing up.  Day to day you don't notice the changes but as the years march on it seems to stand out at some points.  Pumpkin carving is one.  This year Karlie and Hailey did their pumpkins completely by their selves!  Kaitlin carved a fair amount of hers before getting tired.  Before long I will be needing to carve my own pumpkin. :(
 Times like these I realize I have totally acclimated to this crazy place.  It was 91 degrees as we carved at 2 in the afternoon.  There is a first for everything... First time carving pumpkins in my bathing suit.  And I was still sweating!
 Hank and Kaitlin wanted classic Jack O'lanterns while Karlie made a gypsy with jewels and Hailey carved a howling wolf.
Then we were off to a friends house for a pre-party before attending our church's Trunk or Treat!  The kids all tried the rock wall and only Karlie didn't make it to the top.  She has developed a fear of heights  lately and got about half way and decided she was good. :)
Hank went as a ninja to this party.  We certainly got our Halloween spirit on!  One more party to go and one night of Trick or Treat!  I think I can... I think I can...

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