Grammy's 60th Celebration

Last Weekend Grammy and Grandpu came to visit us for the weekend.  We were so disappointed to not be able to celebrate Grammy's 60th birthday with her in October that we decided we needed to have a belated celebration.
 The ladies took Grammy to The Lion King Broadway's musical!
 It was a spectacular show.  However, I wish we were able to see the matinee.  It ran until 10:15 pm and we were all a little sleepy.  Poor Kaitlin tried so hard to hang with the big girls, but fell asleep shortly after curtain call and slept through it all.
 Saturday was a day of feasting and hanging out watching college football, a few of my Mom's favorite things. :)

My Grandpa came over to help us celebrate.  Cheers to Grammy!
 We made her favorite Eggs Benedict, with a California twist of tomato and avocado.
Between brunch and dinner everyone just enjoyed each other's company.
Max and Hank cleaned the guns.  You know, just normal Saturday afternoon boy stuff.
 Then it was time for the real feast!  If there is one thing my Mom loves, it is a good steak.
 The potatoes were taking a little long so everyone decided to do a little dancing.  It is a very RARE sight to see Snork dance!  Definitely a special occasion.  Like only at weddings when he was forced to dance with his daughters. :)
 Finally everything was ready!
 A feast fit for a Queen.
You can't have a proper birthday celebration without a cake.
 Hailey helped me create this beauty!
 We didn't even need to call the fire department.
 For an old lady, she has got a pretty good set of lungs on her.  LOL
I love you Mom.  I hope you know how special you are to each one of us and how we miss celebrating life with you.

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