Halloween Hangover

I think I am just now recovering from the Halloween Hangover.  
October was so full of festivities and fun that it has taken me a while to normalize.  We gave Halloween all we had!
It started with Kaitlin and Max making pumpkin pancakes and snakes for breakfast.
Ghostly Peeps hot coco to prime them for a day full of sugar rushes.
Pumpkin shaped turkey sandwiches.
 Karlie helped me make Jack'O Lantern cuties.
 Pumpkin muffins and pumpkin seeds from our pumpkins rounded out the little pumpkins lunches.
For dinner it was home made mac-n-cheese with pumpkin shaped pasta, fingers (asparagus) and hauntingly good ham. 
For dessert it was eggless Peeps cupcakes.  I know....why dessert on Halloween for Peeps sake!?  Well, I just can't help myself.
 I was literally at the kids' school the entire day for Halloween parties.
 It is so fun to be a kid and I am so fortunate to get to be a part of it all.
 Kaitlin's science lesson was exploding mementos in coke!  Cool. :)
 I did the slime rotation for Karlie's class.  She loved it!
 Then in Hank's class I did the dirt cups rotation.  Messy but fun!
After dinner it was time to get dressed.  I told the kids this year they could pick a different costume since I can understand not wanting to be the family theme.  Plus we were using clothes they already had, so they got $20 at Goodwill and we made a second round of costumes for three of them.
 Hailey was a dark angle.  She is just too sweet to be scary or evil. :)  We found a beautiful, black velvet prom dress for 5 bucks and added sheer sleeves, wings and a halo.  Presto!
 Kaitlin wanted to be Horton.  She is so easy going.
 When Hank saw the Ninja costume at Costco, there was no talking him out of it.  He continues to dress up in it.
Karlie had cut out an $200 Gothic princess outfit out of Chasing Fireflies that she wanted to be.  I said, lets see what you can do with $20.  We found a perfect Gothic dress and tiara for $12.  We had a black cape.  A little make up and her comes Gothic Princess Karlie.
 By far and away their favorite part was the make up and fake eye lashes!
After the kids got all dressed, it was time to go to Hailey's best friend's house for the tween Halloween party.  The girls took the neighborhood by storm.
 We are friends with her parents and decided to Trick or Treat in their neighborhood.  Some people went all out!
 It was fun to be in a neighborhood where the houses are close enough the kids can run from house to house, unlike ours where we have to drive house to house.  Hank had the hardest time remebering the order.  At first each time they opened the door, he would walk right in like a guest.  Then he would say Thank you and not Trick or Treat.  Then Trick or Treat Thanks.  I think he did it properly once or twice.  He was so excited to run from house to house.
Their buckets were full of candy after about an hour and a half and they were all dusted after a long day of fun and sugar.
We partied till we dropped!

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Courtney said...

Karlie and Kaitlin have grown up so much even since last Spring! Good job on the costumes-cute!