A Night In Paris

On November 24th Monty and Jeanette celebrated 40 years of marriage!  We are so grateful to have these two as pillars of marriage.  Their exemplary partnership and love has generated much good in the lives of those around them.  Jeanette has always wanted to go to Paris, so while they visited us for Thanksgiving, we all decided to celebrate this important Anniversary and send them to Paris. :)
We sent them their formal invitation.  Unfortunately it didn't arrive before they departed to our house.  I am not sure my custom envelope (read between the lines… Katie can't cut or fold to save her life) withstood USPS.
 On Wednesday afternoon we sent them on a grocery run and transformed the dinning room into a romantic Parisian inspired dinning room.
Anna sent an Eiffel tower ahead of time and decorated the room with flowers and candles.
 She had postcards from Paris scattered on the table along with a bouquet of roses at the couple's end of the table.
 I couldn't resist Eiffel tower salt and pepper shakers!
Everyone was dressed to the nines to celebrate such a beautiful event!
 We had planned out an elaborate 5 course French dinner.  I was very nervous as I had never prepared anything but the Ratatouille before.  I was able to find 4 French wines to have with each course and a bottle of champagne with dessert.
The first course was:
Fruit and French Cheese Sampler
Comte, Fleurs D’Alsace, Le Chatelain Brie, Grand Camembert
avec Georges Buboeuf Beaujlais Nouveau 2013

 The second course:
Meat and French Delicacies
Pinot Grigio Saucisson, Pinot Noir Saucisson, Cabernet Sauvignon Saucisson
Fresh Oysters and Pâté 
Caviar & Monet Crackers
avec Pinot Evil Pinot Noir
 The third course:
 Salad Course
Apple and Red Currant Salad
avec Barton & Guestier Chenin Blanc 2011
The Fourth course:
Main Course
Grilled Lamb Chops with Port Syrup, Garlic Confit, and sauce Vierge Persillade
avec Le Grand Noir Cabernet-Shiraz 2011
Dessert Course
Crème Brûlée
Petit Ecolier 
avec Domaine STE Michelle Champenoise
Max was thrilled to have a reason to buy a blow torch. 
At the conclusion of each course we had a small gift for each of them to open.  The gifts were Paris themed travel related items. 
 We had a Beret for Monty and a wrap for Jeanette, luggage tags, a map of Paris, a travel bag, document holder, and travel journals.
It was a extravagant 3 hour procession!  Just the way Nana and Pops like it.  The kids loved getting to drink "wine"(sparkling cider) and celebrate.  Karlie put together the evening entertainment of live music.  Hailey and Kaitlin played piano pieces while Karlie played the violin.  Everyone had a hand in celebrating Monty and Jeanette!
The final gift was First Class tickets to Paris!  I found this website to make fake plane tickets and created the tickets.  Sam, Anna, and Max all pitched in to give them some incentive to turn their Paris dream into reality!
Bon Voyage!!  We love you and can't wait to hear of you travels to France!
P.S.  I want a picture of a kiss at the top of the Eiffel tower. :)


Blog a Blurb said...

Thank you thank you thank you Max and Katie, Sam and Heather, and Anna. So completed unexpected, so thoroughly enjoyed, and so very surprised by that grand finale. We will fly on these strong generous wings of love all the way there and back.

Anonymous said...

Well Done by Ma and Pa Well Done by Ma and Pa's kids, Congratulations to ALL. Lv, Gigi, Gram

Courtney said...

WOW!!! What a special night for a special couple. They've raised some very fabulous kids along the way.