An Up Hill Climb

It was a month ago today that Max had to leave work because he was coming down with Valley Fever.  The prior weekend on Saturday he and Hailey hiked Mama mountain and on Sunday Max cleaned up the side yard where he stirred up a bunch of mold and inhaled the dangerous spores that would incubate and make him so ill.  
 We call the little mountain by our house, Baby mountain, and often hike with company to the top of it.  Max and Hailey decided they were going to try and summit Mama mountain, which is a much larger mountain behind Baby mountain.  They had some incredible views along the way.  This hawk on the Saguaro was checking them out.
 Mama mountain is much steeper than Baby mountain.  This Mama is glad she wasn't watching her baby climb Mama mountain. :)
 I was able to use the binoculars in the driveway and see them waving at the top!
They had a great time together on Mama mountain.  Max fashioned an MKHKKH flag out of and old T-shirt and they staked their Summit Flag!  We could see if flapping in the wind from our house. 
It has been quite an uphill climb for Max this last month.  I have never seen him so exhausted and ill.  He had lost so much weight that he looked gravely ill.  Last weekend was the first weekend that he was up and around more than he was lying down.  I have him on a special Guinness or Celebration Ale diet and cooking lots of calorie packed meals.  Hailey is in cahoots with me as well and baking up all of his favorites like cranberry bread and fudge.
It is so easy to take our health for granted.  With just this relatively small blip in Max's health I was reminded what a daily struggle it is for many people and how quickly things can change.  We have friends and family that are climbing Mt. Everest sized mountains with their health.  I am so grateful that Max is back on his feet and feeling stronger and can only pray that all those facing mountains will soon reach the summit with their summit flag.

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