Christmas Crafts, Cookies, and Class Parties

Sometimes you have to get your game face on.  The week before Christmas break is one of those times.  In times like that I preload with Coke!
 The kids had a half day on Wednesday so each of the kids invited a buddy over to make some Christmas ornaments and cookies.
 First up was a round of Mac-N-Cheese.  Wow, feeding 8 kids is wild!  Then they started painting salt dough ornaments.  They each made 3 to take home.
Then they all went and played while I did a quick clean and prepped for sugar cookies.
Hank was a serious ladies man with just him and 8 ladies in the house!  Such a lucky guy.
 They had so much fun…
 They made so much mess… :)
 Future Rudolphs.
 I baked the cookies while they played some more.  Then it was time to decorate and eat the cookies!
 I always tease Max that I want another baby, and while I think I could swing 5 kids, I am pretty sure 8 would be too much for this mama.  After 4 hours I am left in aw of how teachers manage 25-30 kids all day!  They are amazing!
Thursday and Friday were full of class parties and festivities.  Kaitlin had a Gingerbread Man reader's theater.  Class productions are so cute!  Karlie made stain glass windows and Hank's class made Gingerbread houses.  As room mom for the kids, the last week of school is crazy busy and full.  Half the time I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  I am grateful that I am able to be there and a so involved, but I am SO excited to have my buddies home for 2 weeks to play!

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