Desert Ice

Living in the desert, it can be hard to get in the winter and Christmas time spirit.  Over the weekend we tried to capture some of the magical elements of the season.
 The Princess Fairmont creates a winter wonderland for Christmas with over a million lights and a true outdoor ice rink.
 We bundled up in coats, hats, mittens, and scarfs and set out to try our hand at ice skating!
 The last memories I have of taking the girls skating are not fond ones… Lots of falling and crying and my back aching from bending over holding them.
 It is amazing what they can do in a few years and with another adult to help!
 Karlie was fearless as ever and skating with reckless abandon!  She did great!
 Hank on the other hand was like Bambi and couldn't seem to keep his legs under him.  Luckily Max and I could take turns holding helping him around the rink.
 Kaitlin also did well with just a few falls at the end but she refused to stop until our session was up.
 Hailey brought her buddy and they had a blast being tweens.  Hailey told me it was one of the best weekends she has had since we moved here.  I guess its really good when there is ice in the dessert.
 It was the first time Max and I can remember ice skating together.  We got to do one lap together hand in hand and didn't even fall! :)  It was quite movie like with beautiful lights surrounding the rink, Christmas music crooning in the background, and the kids laughing.  It was one of those rare moments of bliss where life exceeds your expectations.

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