MKHKKH Family 50 Christmas Tree

This year we added to our collection of States ornaments
We decided it was time to have a special tree designated to our Family 50!
 When my girlfriend Courtney and her family came to visit us in March they brought us a Montana ornament!  I have been searching through the year for the states we are missing ornaments for from our prior travels.  It was so sweet for her to find us Montana 2011!
While in Telluride, I found our Colorado ornament.  There are so many things that represent Colorado to us.  It is my home, where all my family is, and the beautiful Rocky Mountains that we love to play in.  It is like gold in my heart.  Hopefully Telluride will become a yearly tradition as Steamboat was.
While we were in Moab in 2010, Hailey rode Slick Rock.  I thought this biker chick represented Utah perfectly for us.
I was able to have a special Nebraska ornament made to remember visiting my G'ma Helen in 2008 at this Etsy shop.  Nebraska will go hand in hand with memories of G'ma Helen and fireflies.  We miss her light.
We drove through Idaho in 2011.  While we didn't see any potatoes, we did eat French Fries.  :)  That completed the states we were missing from prior trips!
So these two are not part of our Family 50, but it was a special place we traveled and worth adding Venice and Rome.

The 2013 States Trip Ornaments
We started out in Michigan where the kids got to see their cousins for the first time in 7 years!  Definitely worth capturing.
Then we drove to Ohio where we rode a Banana Boat.  I search and searched for a model Banana boat and couldn't fine one anywhere.  So another picture ornament it had to be.
Next was Indiana where we visited Notre Dame.  Karlie is now dead set on going to college there.  She even wanted to watch them during football season.  I told her she can do anything she puts her mind to!
In Illinois we attended a Cubs game a Wrigley Field!
On our way to Iowa we had lunch in Madison, Wisconsin and bought a lot of cheese at the fromagerie.
 One of the things we did in Iowa was to canoe down the Upper Iowa, where Hailey was baptized.
While we were at the Mall of America in Minnesota, we had this ornament made.
Our 8th and final state of 2013 was North Dakota.  I searched for a very long time to find this wood chipper.  It is a HO scale train wood chipper. :)
 Our first visit to Disneyland had to be memorialized, especially since it might be our only…
We will be working on making our Family 50 Tree Topper over the break.  I am so excited to see what states 2014 bring!

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Courtney said...

I love this tree! A great way to remember all of your family adventures.